Report: The Value of Virtual: New Dev Trends & Student Insights 2022

In its second year, we present The Value of Virtual: New Dev Trends & Student Insights, completely free. With over 156 cities reviewed, and five hundred students surveyed, we showcase market data and research that will aid decisions that every operator, investor, developer and team member makes when considering a new development. Our report includes three sections: New Development Breakdown by Region, New Development Amenities by Region, and Leasing, Marketing & Reputation.

In Partnership with College House, our team pulled data from 47 new development communities across the United States, along with their respective University. These communities were then grouped within their respective region. This information was analyzed and broken down for comparative review.
Our Student Survey was conducted with Knit, ensuring that within each region a majority portion was focused where university growth was seeing highest growth, as well as markets that are known for large amounts of new development. Students answered questions in order of the leasing process, including Guarantors, where applicable. This included the value of online reviews, social media and in-person versus online tours.

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