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As the demand for multifamily housing continues to grow, staying ahead of the latest interior design trends is crucial for developers and property managers. The “uForis Interior Trends for New Developments” eBook provides a comprehensive guide to the most innovative and practical design trends, curated from the extensive portfolio of uForis VR.

The eBook identifies four prominent style directions that are shaping new developments. Branding-focused designs incorporate pops of color and textures aligned with the branding package, offering a minimalistic yet impactful aesthetic. Naturals and mid century-modern elements emphasize organic shapes, leathers, woods, and earthy tones, creating warm and inviting spaces. Bold and punchy themes commit to cohesive and exciting designs carried throughout all spaces, while minimalist styles prioritize functionality and practical use of space, ensuring every inch is utilized efficiently.

Trending materials in multifamily housing include hardwood and eco-friendly flooring options, along with upholstery and mid century-modern wall designs. Various tile options are also popular for enhancing aesthetic appeal. Decorative lighting plays a significant role in adding texture, depth, and artistic elements to spaces, supporting overall branding and enhancing visual appeal.

Built-in bar tables with power sources are becoming popular in communal study spaces, providing functional workspaces with stylish elements like waterfall edges. Sound-reducing materials, such as accent walls, ceiling details, and specific lighting options, are employed to manage and reduce excess noise within amenity spaces, creating a more comfortable living environment.

Modern fitness centers are designed with separate sections for cardio and weights, and unique elements like rock climbing walls and Echelon Mirror Screens in yoga/multipurpose rooms are trending. Game tables are frequently incorporated as central design elements, serving as excellent branding opportunities.

Community kitchen-lounge combos offer versatile environments for cooking, eating, socializing, and studying, while decorative string lights create welcoming atmospheres for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Open study lounges that branch into smaller individual study spaces are also common, using sound-reducing materials to maintain a quiet and inspiring environment.

Mixing wall materials contributes to personalized styles, making spaces unique and visually appealing. Multi-functional seating, such as large modular furniture with bar-seating options, maximizes space and avoids wasted areas within lounges. Integrating basic structural elements like archways into interior design adds a sophisticated and timeless touch, while open floorplans that divide into smaller, functional sub-spaces provide versatility and a modern living experience.

Trending kitchen designs feature two-tone or wood-look cabinetry, durable and easy-to-clean acrylic cabinetry, textured backsplash tiles, neutral and modern color palettes, and under cabinet lighting.

By integrating these trends, multifamily housing developments can create stylish, functional, and appealing living spaces that meet the needs and preferences of today’s residents. For more details or a custom proposal, contact uForis VR via website or email.