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  • Discover modern interior design trends: Explore styles, color palettes, and popular materials
  • Create inviting spaces: Learn about decorative lighting, built-in bar tables, and sound-reducing materials
  • Design functional communal areas: Get inspired by fitness center highlights, game tables, and community kitchen-lounge combos
  • Enhance ambiance and versatility: Explore decorative string lights, multi-functional seating, and archways
  • Optimize living spaces: Learn about open floorplans, modern kitchen designs, and group/individual study options

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Report: Designing for the Future: Bridging the Gap between Development, Investment & Operations 2024

Introducing our fourth edition of Designing for the Future: Bridging the Gap between Development, Investment, & Operations, available for free.

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Report: Designing for the Future: Insights & Trends from Developers & Students 2023

Introducing our third-year edition of Designing for the Future: Insights and Trends from Developers and Students, available for free. This revamped version contains even more valuable content from industry-recognized leading developers and operators, insights from over 500 students surveyed, and research on trending amenities in the five regions.

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Explore our showcased projects and experience photorealism like never before! uForis VR is proud to offer top-notch visual solutions that cater to all your needs. Rest assured that all the images and videos you see on our platform are created by us.

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