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  • Discover modern interior design trends: Explore styles, color palettes, and popular materials
  • Create inviting spaces: Learn about decorative lighting, built-in bar tables, and sound-reducing materials
  • Design functional communal areas: Get inspired by fitness center highlights, game tables, and community kitchen-lounge combos
  • Enhance ambiance and versatility: Explore decorative string lights, multi-functional seating, and archways
  • Optimize living spaces: Learn about open floorplans, modern kitchen designs, and group/individual study options

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Report: Designing for the Future: Insights & Trends from Developers & Students 2023

Introducing our third-year edition of Designing for the Future: Insights and Trends from Developers and Students, available for free. This revamped version contains even more valuable content from industry-recognized leading developers and operators, insights from over 500 students surveyed, and research on trending amenities in the five regions.

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Report: The Value of Virtual: New Dev Trends & Student Insights 2022

With over 156 cities reviewed, and five hundred students surveyed, we showcase market data and research that will aid decisions that every operator, investor, developer and team member makes when considering a new development.

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Explore our showcased projects and experience photorealism like never before! uForis VR is proud to offer top-notch visual solutions that cater to all your needs. Rest assured that all the images and videos you see on our platform are created by us.

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