Why Social Media is So Powerful Jan 2023 v2

By now, the real estate industry is no stranger to the power of social media when it comes to showcasing a community. But do we fully understand the value and importance of social media when it comes to a digital marketing strategy, especially when a community is under construction? We know we need to have social media presence, but if done poorly that presence can do more harm than good. Let’s explore why social media is so important to selling or leasing your community and how to level up your digital marketing strategy with a few simple tricks! 

Apartment complexes can use social media to promote available units and the amenities offered on the property, as well as to communicate with potential renters throughout the leasing process. This can include posting pictures or 3D renderings and videos of the units, sharing information about move-in specials or promotions, and providing a way for prospective renters to contact the leasing office to schedule a tour or to get more information. Some apartment complexes also use social media as a way to allow potential renters to apply for an apartment or to sign a lease online. This can be done through digital lease signing software or by providing a link to an online application form.

Apartment complexes should invest in having a social media presence for several reasons:

  1. Marketing: Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for promoting available units, amenities and special promotions. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be used to reach a wide audience of potential renters and to generate leads.
  2. Increased Visibility: Having a social media presence can increase the visibility of the complex and make it more discoverable to potential renters searching for available units.
  3. Engagement: Social media allows for two-way communication between the complex and potential renters, which can be used to answer questions and provide information about the complex and available units.
  4. Online Reputation: Social media can be used to manage the complex’s online reputation by responding to reviews and addressing any concerns or issues that may be raised by current or potential renters.
  5. Cost-Effective: Social media can be a cost-effective way to reach potential renters and generate leads compared to traditional marketing methods such as print or radio advertising.
  6. Targeted Advertising: By using social media advertising, apartment complexes can target specific demographics and interests, which will improve the chances of reaching the right audience, and increase lead generation.

It’s even more important when a property is under development, to invest in high-quality 3D renderings and virtual tours to aid in the decision-making process for potential renters. 3D renderings can give renters a clear and detailed idea of what the units and the overall complex will look like, allowing them to envision themselves living there. They can provide a level of detail and accuracy that traditional floor plans or blueprints may not be able to achieve, which can give renters a better sense of the layout, size, and features of the units. Renters can make decisions in advance, before the complex is completed, and can sign a lease before the building is finished. This can provide renters more time to plan for move-in and save time for the leasing office. All of these benefits can help renters make a more informed decision about whether to rent a unit in the complex and can also help the complex secure leases early on, as renters would feel confident in their decision based on the visualization they see on the 3D renderings.

Apartment complexes should offer virtual tours for several reasons. First, let’s discuss convenience: Virtual tours allow potential renters to view available units from the comfort of their own home, at a time that is convenient for them, without the need to schedule an in-person tour or visit the property. Also, by offering virtual tours, apartment complexes can reach a wider audience of potential renters, including those who may not be able to physically visit the property or are out of the area. Lastly, and maybe the most important is time-saving: Virtual tours can be a way for apartment complexes to efficiently manage their time since it allows them to show multiple units to multiple renters at one time, without the need to meet them individually.

All of these strategies can help to generate more leads and increase the conversion rate of potential renters visiting the website or social media page, into actual renters. Furthermore, the use of 3D rendering and virtual tours can make the apartment complex more desirable, as it provides a realistic view of the future complex, this can increase the perceived value for potential renters, and the complex can have an edge over competitors that only offer 2D floor plans.

Here are some tips for using social media to market your apartment complex:

  1. Create a strong brand: Develop a consistent and recognizable brand for your complex that can be used across all of your social media platforms. This can include using specific colors, logos, and messaging that reflect the complex’s unique features and personality.
  2. Use high-quality visuals: Use high-quality images and videos to showcase your complex and its amenities. This can include photos of the units, common areas, and the surrounding neighborhood. 3D renderings can be used as well to provide a more realistic view of the units and the complex in general.
  3. Be active and engaging: Be active on social media by regularly posting updates and responding to comments and messages. This can help to build a community of followers who are interested in your complex.
  4. Use targeting options: Use social media advertising to target specific demographics and interests. This can help to reach a more relevant audience and increase the chances of generating leads.
  5. Monitor and measure your results: Use analytics tools to monitor and measure the success of your social media campaigns. This can help you to identify which strategies are working and which are not, so you can make adjustments as needed.
  6. Share testimonials and reviews: Share testimonials and reviews from current residents, this can provide a sense of trust and reliability to potential renters, and it will be easier for them to relate to the current residents’ experience.
  7. Be creative and different: Try to come up with creative and different ways to promote your complex, this can be through contests, giveaways, or other interactive ways to engage with your audience, this will help your complex to stand out from the competition.

By following these tips, you can effectively use social media to promote your apartment complex and increase awareness, leads, and occupancy rates. Remember to keep the messaging consistent and always make sure the complex is portrayed in the best light possible.

In conclusion, there are several ways renters can use social media to make a housing decision, some include:

  1. Researching properties: Renters can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to research properties and to view photos and videos of available units and amenities. They can also check out the reviews of current or former residents in the comments sections, which can give an idea of what it is like to live there.
  2. Learning about the neighborhood: Social media can be a great way to learn about the neighborhood surrounding a potential housing option. Renters can use platforms like Instagram and Twitter to view photos and videos of the area, and see what local businesses and amenities are nearby.
  3. Following the property’s social media: Renters can follow the property’s social media account to see the recent updates, promotions, and events they have in the complex, this can give an insight into the level of community engagement the complex has, and the overall vibe they promote.

By using social media, renters can gather a lot of information about properties and neighborhoods that can help them make a more informed decision about where to live. Overall, social media can provide an effective and low-cost way to reach a large audience and increase brand awareness. By having a strong social media presence, apartment complexes can effectively promote their properties, increase their visibility, and engage with potential renters, which can help to generate leads and increase occupancy rates.