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As developers plan for Fall 2020 lease-ups of their new student housing properties – some still under construction – the uForis team is working hard to create the real estate video tours and 3D architectural renderings that will get our clients the results they expect.

We’ve noticed that student housing companies request certain 3D architectural renderings and real estate video tours more than others. If you’re wondering how best to represent your student housing in 3D virtual tours in 2020, take a look at our list of must-show features.

1. 2-Bedroom VR Real Estate Tours

Our analytics show that students taking our VR real estate tours view individual apartment units 10 times more than they view public spaces or amenities.

It’s “virtually” a no-brainer to ensure your real estate video includes an eye-catching tour of one of your student housing apartments.

But student housing units range from studio apartments up to six bedrooms or more. What size unit should you showcase? Two-bedroom units were the most popular floor plans requested in 2019 and we expect that trend to continue.

Rendering a two-bedroom unit in a real estate video or virtual tour can give the best idea of a multi-bedroom floor plan without spending time and money creating architectural renderings of six bedrooms.

Rendering two bedrooms enables us to offer a few decorating ideas and showcase different styles while keeping the real estate video tour short and engaging. You can see an example here.

Of course, a two-bedroom layout may not be the right choice for every student housing lease-up initiative. If the customer isn’t sure which direction to go, we often recommend showcasing the floor plan that represents the layout of the majority of units on the property.

For instance, if a 100-unit property has 70 2-bedroom units, 20 3-bedroom units, and only 10 4-bedroom units, we recommend showing a 2-bedroom space. But if the property had 70 3-bedroom units, that’s what we would recommend. Students can begin to visualize themselves in the space most similar to where they are likely to live.

2. Architectural Renderings of the Gym or Fitness Room

Ideally, architectural renderings will include all public spaces on a student housing property, as well as visuals of the surrounding area. But this isn’t always realistic on a budget. Often, we sit with clients to prioritize the top spaces we want to create based on our past analytics and market knowledge.

Renderings of individual student apartments should always be top priority. But if a client also wants to render amenities, we recommend showcasing the gym or fitness room.

Gyms and fitness rooms were the most popular amenity requested in our architectural renderings in 2019. There are a lot of good reasons for this. 

Like millennials before them, the Generation Z demographic cares about fitness. GenZ makes up more than 12.5% of health club members. Together, GenZ and millennials make up 57% of all health club memberships, according to a recent report from the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).

The architectural renderings of your student housing property fitness club should be as photorealistic as possible and should focus, at least in part, on the technology available in the space.

For instance, note how the machines in this tour have high-resolution screens and a giant LED hangs on the wall. Power points for charging devices would be a desirable feature to include, if they will be available in the space.

Above all, the space should look clean and uncluttered. GenZ seeks a sense of community and personal connection while working out. They are likely to look for open spaces that might host yoga classes or even meditation sessions. Since GenZ is all about the photo ops for Instagram or TikTok, large mirrors and visually creative elements, if part of the fitness center, should be represented in the architectural renderings, as well.

3. Study Room Architectural Renderings

As with fitness centers, study rooms also give college students a space to socialize, interact, collaborate, and feel as if they are part of a community, even if they are living off campus.

When this generation enters the workforce, they will face flexible workspaces and evolving office floor plans. In the primary school environment, their desks were configured in group arrangements rather than rows.

In 2018, we didn’t render any study rooms for our VR real estate clients. But in 2019, study rooms and study lounges were easily the third-most requested space, and we’re confident the requests will continue into 2020.

As with gyms and fitness centers, it’s important to showcase the technology and flexible work areas in a study room.

Take a look at the study room in this architectural rendering of amenities, which includes power ports for laptops and whiteboard walls for brainstorming or performing calculations. The creative designs on the walls set this space apart as a visually enticing work area students where students will love to gather.

4. Ethnically Diverse, Computer-generated Human Models

Students want to visualize themselves in your student housing. To appeal to a broad, ethnically diverse student body, you’ll want your renderings to include models of varying ethnicities and demographics.

Many of our clients request their architectural renderings and 3D video real estate tours to include CG human models that reflect the demographics of the student body they serve. Others want to show their support of diversity within their school.

We automatically include a diverse range of CG models in our renderings that show students. Every student should be able to visualize themselves in one of our client’s student housing properties.

Let Us Help You Lease Your Student Housing Property in 2020

Our architectural renderings and 3D real estate tours showcase the features and elements incoming college students most care about. Developers are already starting to think about student housing lease-ups for the Fall 2020 semester.

Drawing on our years of experience, analytics, and state-of-the-art technology, uForis can help you achieve 100% lease-up before your student housing apartments are even complete. We will work within your budget to showcase the spaces that matter most.