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When it comes to marketing your new student housing development or new multifamily development, make sure you have the right type of real estate video for your community. There are many different options available when it comes to real estate videos, so below is a simple guide to the different types and what makes them important for your leasing strategy. When you market to students or young adults, you’ll want to have a video to visually tell the story of your new development. 

What types of videos are available for student housing or multifamily marketing? uForis VR has provided a guide to different types of real estate videos below. 

Perspective Video

These real estate videos are the most time efficient when it comes to providing to your student housing renter or multifamily renter. They typically are under 1 minute in length and include compiling panned 3D renderings together to market your new development project. You can add an animated community logo, text, and a marketing call to action. You can also make them more upbeat by adding fun music over the 3D-rendered images for a cohesive brand moment.

Highlight Video

This virtual rendered video is the most flexible for student housing clients, as well as multifamily developers because it allows you a bit more customization in comparison to Perspective videos. Operators can storyboard these videos with a mix of panned 3D rendering perspectives and 3D rendered animated video clips of the community space. These videos can also have animated property logos, a call-to-action text, and marketing call-outs to showcase specific property features. These videos are around 1-3 minutes long. Student housing developers find these videos extremely useful. Multifamily communities use these videos to play within their leasing offices or on their property websites. Regardless of placement, you should include this in your digital marketing strategy for leasing. 

Sizzle Reel

This real estate video option is the most cinematic way to bring branding into your digital marketing video strategy. Building off a highlight video you can take this video a step further by also having animated water, fan movement, playing TVs, and more. You can also tie in animated lifestyle videos to really show off what your community will bring its prospective resident. Animated videos such as people working out, enjoying the pool, hanging out with friends–you name it. These animated lifestyle videos mixed with the animated 3D rendered videos and fun music really make an impact in your online marketing plan. Student housing renters and multifamily renters alike are going to feel right at home after watching this real estate video. 

Virtual Tour

Immerse your future residents in a complete 360 interactive experience of your community. Increase your inbound marketing effectiveness and convenience by showing your community 24/7. These tours are web optimized and are a great addition to any satellite leasing office during construction. See examples of virtual tours here

360 Degree VR Video

Taking your virtual tour experience to the next level. 360-degree VR video tours immerse your prospective resident to fully experience your new development community. Renters can walk through the spaces and see a full 360-view as if the new development community was already built. These virtual tours incorporate 3D-rendered panoramic views of your new property that are all authentically staged to your community’s branding. As the most immersive virtual real estate video on the market, these videos can be played using YouTube, and work perfectly in a leasing office to show prospective renters. The unique look and navigation of the 360-degree VR videos help you stand out in marketing to Gen Z in student housing. Also appealing to young professionals who prefer to lease online, multifamily definitely benefits from this online marketing tool, since this type of renter does all their shopping digitally. Bring your new development to your renter with ease and convenience. 

Social Media Video 

Social media marketing is very important when leasing to student renters or young professionals. These videos are specifically designed to fit popular social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Whether your marketing team is looking to have these features on your feed or stories, you can choose between a 16:9 or 9:16 ratio. Student housing marketing has seen an increased need for social media content in its online marketing strategies. This content is very appealing to the modern renter who is utilizing social media to make a housing decision. 

Now that you know more about different types of real estate videos, we hope you will incorporate one of these into your online marketing leasing strategy for student housing or multifamily housing.  

Depending on the story you’re trying to tell, our video solutions are ready to level up your leasing and marketing efforts. Depending on your specific need, our team collaborates with you to understand the style and narrative for your animated visual. Use these videos on your website, social media, and more. View examples of uForis videos here and get in touch with us by emailing info@uforis.com to learn more.