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It’s officially back-to-school season, which means leaving home for the first time for many students. While moving trucks are circling the parking lots like organized chaos, these student residents are eager to start unpacking and styling their new home. With so much inspiration readily available on social media, this next class of student renters is taking their space to the next level! 

And we completely understand why. A new place or bedroom should feel elevated, organized, yet comfortable–a home away from home. It also needs to be functional for late night study sessions or friend hangs! Our friends in the Southern States have really made dorm decor trendy by using social media platforms, such as TikTok to showcase room transformations. Who knew how satisfying it would be to see a blank dorm space turned into a student residence dream?! Users like @dorm_decor are showing what refined campus living looks like with simple decor pieces that make transformational differences. As well as #BamaRush season where sororities were taking over the platform to show the hype of rush and their stylish new bedrooms.

What it all can be skimmed down to, is your room should be stylish, trendy, and Instagramable! 

What’s Trending: 

Ole Miss

Southern charm is in full effect at Ole Miss – and simplicity has no place in any of the dorm rooms that are trending.  Bigger is better – starting with beds, that somehow make these tiny spaces feel like the space is larger than life (along with the decor). 

University of Alabama 

In Alabama, luxury is trending stronger than #rolltide.  Designer is everywhere – including the details.  The faux fur on the floors feels cozy enough to curl up and nap, while the neon on the walls keeps you wanting to stay up all night – and it all somehow comes together in a luscious harmony that screams Chanel #5. 

Louisiana State University 

With a more understated feel than her sister states, Louisiana still brings it with organization, purpose, and a statement to be made.  And who could be surprised at a school known for tailgates that highlight self-made LSU apparel?

Duke University 

Duke keeps to their roots with a studious look, while still ensuring that they remind everyone that they will NOT pass up on a well-designed dorm.  Because why would they?  They might be there to study – but shouldn’t their environment properly show it too?  We know Duke, we know. 

These dorm decor trends transfer to off-campus student housing because you can carry these same decor pieces into apartment living. This is why we’ve perfected the art of original staging in all of our 3D renderings and real estate videos. Our Project Managers work closely with our partners to ensure our visualizations will spark emotion in the modern student renter using relevant styling pieces. We’re sharing some of our favorite apartment decor to get your future residents excited about living in your new community.

Our go-to authentic decor staging pieces include: 

Other trending items we’re noticing:

Next time you’re looking to take your new housing student development leasing renderings to the next level, shoot us a message. We’d happily provide authentic decor staging in your 3D perspectives and virtual tours!