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If you’re considering virtual renderings and 3D real estate tours to help lease your student housing units under construction, you may be wondering how to choose apartment or dorm room décor for maximum appeal.

There’s good news! While real-world model apartments, or demo units, may be limited by budget constraints or practicality, 3D real estate tours can showcase nearly any environment.

But does that mean you should go over the top with designer décor?

We don’t think so.

Our 3D real estate tours feature décor that is aspirational, but not out of reach for students – just the type of décor you’d put in a model unit. We want to help students see the best versions of themselves living in your apartment – even before it’s been built!

Often, our clients share ideas with us and we use that feedback to execute their vision, conveying every element of a real-life demo unit in intricate detail. We render accessories, artwork, and other elements of a perfectly staged apartment.

If you aren’t sure what to convey based on your demographic and marketing strategy, we can help by asking the right questions to guide you toward your vision of the perfect student housing unit, from layout to decor.

We also like to use the websites listed below for inspiration. We believe you may find them helpful as you give thought to the ways your 3D real estate tours will help you achieve a faster lease-up.

We Are Stellar Designs

The first step to creating fantastic renderings is to devise a comprehensive theme for the space. We Are Stellar Designs, the e-commerce design boutique owned by SouthPark Interiors, a woman-owned interior design firm, can help bring your vision to life or to discover the perfect ambiance for your student housing.

Stellar takes a unique approach to decorating small spaces, including student apartments, helping customers create unified themes, called “vibes.” You can take a “design vibe quiz” on the website to help you get clear on what type of space you want to create for students. Then consider partnering with SouthPark Interiors for full-service student apartment design services that go beyond 3D virtual renderings into the real world.

Here at uForis, we will create authentic and relatable renderings, while Stellar Designs and SouthPark Interiors can help you implement the vibe you want in your newly constructed student housing.


Founded by a mother / daughter team, Dormify features all the accessories, storage, and furniture you could want for student housing. Amanda Zuckerman and her mom Karen founded the company to make shopping for college easier. They wanted to offer everything they needed for Amanda’s new digs on a single site focused on college students.

We love that the company’s values align with our own. Dormify partners with two organizations that help ease the transition to college life and support female entrepreneurs.

Don’t let the ultra-pink vibe of the site fool you; Dormify also has plenty of dorm décor for guys and dorm room ideas to create a more neutral space, too.

After Five Designs

Some student housing developers – or even college students – may opt to hire a dorm room decorator. But that may not be necessary with the guidance of the uForis design team and this fantastic website to help you beautify your student housing lease-up model.

Dawn Thomas, founder of After Five Designs, is a dorm room decorator that uses classic, elegant styles to fit any size student housing apartment. We love the flexible, casual, practical yet luxurious vibe of the rooms showcased on her website and Pinterest feed.

Carter & Clyde

If you want to find aspirational student décor ideas, what better place to look than at cute dorm rooms designed by students themselves?

Founded by incoming college freshman Matthew Stolper and Robert Ragland, Carter & Clyde curates dorm room ideas from spaces designed by other college freshmen. The entrepreneurial duo then seeks out unique products to provide a different selection from the overpriced, outdated accessories you’ll find saturating chain stores. If you’re looking for dorm décor for guys, the site has a larger selection the most.

How uForis Makes Your 3D Real Estate Tours Look Aspirational – and Realistic

With our extensive library of 3D objects, we can match most interior design vibes. Our student housing layouts look lived-in and welcoming, with that “put-together” show room quality, too.

Many times, our 3D renderings and virtual real estate tours are even more enticing than the real thing. After all, it may be a hassle to keep fresh flowers in an actual demo unit, but in our renderings, the flowers will always bloom.