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If you couldn’t tell by the fire-blazing sun shining confidently outside your window it’s Summer. An on top of that, it appears to be a “normal” Summer in comparison to last year, which means: much. needed. vacations. While you’re flying, riding, or beach reclining, our team has put together a list of non-required Summer reading to take one more thing off your to-do list. Enjoy writing that long-awaited OOO, put your phone on DND, and we’ll see you after your much-needed R&R. 😎 (ps – too many acronyms – asking for a friend?)

Canvas Tempe AZ Student Housing Pool 3D Rendering

Claire Selves – Director, Projects

Dora ChengCo-Founder

Jes Hudgins – Director, Marketing & Business Development

Megan Smith – Project Coordinator

Mike Schroeder – Project Coordinator

Support your local library or bookstore to pick up your copies. We personally love using the Libby app which connects your digital library card to any reading device, making it extra convenient to travel lightly.