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A real estate virtual tour can help your multi-family apartments, student housing, or senior living stand out amongst all the other real estate listings on the internet. 3D real estate tours can bring a property to life the way photos and text simply can’t. uForis creates captivating captures of existing properties so you can lease your multifamily units and student house faster.

uForis uses highly specialized technology and a unique process to create 3D scans of individual apartments to create a 3D virtual tour that is light years ahead of conventional real estate photography or videos. We also create 360-degree virtual tours of amenities to give renters a feeling of what life will be like in your multifamily properties.

These six tips can help you prepare for your real estate virtual tour, so we can capture your property at its best.

1. Plan your real estate virtual tour for the spring or summer.

The rental season, just like the housing market, starts picking up in spring and summer. This is especially true in regions that experience colder winters. But with the stress and expense of the holiday season, even people in year-round warmer climates don’t usually want to move in the winter.

If you want to be ready for the housing and rental market upturn, you’ll want to schedule your real estate virtual tour session for the spring now. Even if you don’t have apartments to list right now, you may want to be ready to fill a vacancy when it happens.

We want to capture your property in its best light when the grass turns green, flowers start to bloom, and renters are eager to find a property just like yours. By the same token, rain or snow can make it hard to capture outdoor amenities like pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, and patios in their best light.

uForis capture sessions book up fast, so be sure to contact us now to secure your place.

2. Prep your spaces for our production crew.

You may be ready to reach out now, but is your student housing or multifamily apartment building camera-ready? Make sure all renovations and remodeling are complete, so we won’t have to work around construction and can capture every square foot of the property in all its beauty.

3. Clean the apartments or ask tenants to do so.

Even if you have tenants in the property, it pays to hire a cleaning service the day before our production crew comes in. A cleaning crew will make sure to wipe away any visible dust, vacuum, wipe down countertops, and clean wood floors so they shine. If your tenants struggle to keep up with housework, they won’t mind having some help.

Student apartments, especially, can get filled with clutter quickly. Give students a week’s warning and deadline to have their personal items picked up so the cleaning company can give the apartment a clean sweep to look its best.

4. Stage the apartment.

Because we are recording a real estate virtual tour video and not creating a rendering, we can only capture what’s in the apartment. Stage the housing units by adding generic accessories, such as fresh flowers and artwork.

You can also follow these steps to quickly stage an apartment for a faster lease:

5. Create an unoccupied space for our production crew to do their work.

Our 3D real estate video tours cannot include people. If the unit is occupied, we recommend giving the tenants a gift card to a coffee house or local restaurant and asking them to plan to be out of their home for half the day. Give the students or tenants a week or two notice so they can plan ahead. You’ll find most tenants won’t mind the disruption in exchange for a meal or coffee house stop.

6. Relax and let us do the hard work.

Just as we’ll need your tenants out of the apartment, it’s best if you leave our production crew to their work, as well. Our crew will do a walk-through immediately before shooting your virtual real estate tour video.

You should feel free to go get a coffee and meet us back at the property in an hour or so. A typical two-bedroom unit takes less than an hour if you’re completed steps one through four in this post before our production crew arrived.

When you return, we’ll have completed the on-site portion of capturing your unit for 3D real estate tours. You can expect the embeddable link for your website soon, so you can begin promoting your multifamily property or student housing on all the relevant listing services for faster leases.