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The first quarter of every year is when many of our clients reach out to us for 3D rendering, virtual tours, and VR Apps. The requirement, unsurprisingly, is to deliver the highest quality renderings by a certain time. But that’s the rub: rendering quality is dependent on how much the client would like to showcase, and how much time is left. A short timeline often means we are unable to visualize as many spaces as the client wants.

So here are three tips to get the quality renderings you want, by the time you need them.

1. Reach Out Early

But how early? Our rule of thumb is: 6-8 months ahead of your properties’ marketing campaign launch.

We understand that marketing and leasing are not on your mind when you are purchasing the land, getting building permits, or confirming financing. Only when the project is a go will your team plan for the marketing and leasing launch. The best time to engage is 6-8 months before this launch. By then, finishes and materials, interior decorations, and even branding would be close to being decided, if not already. Rendering studios can confidently provide the widest range of options at this time. Possibilities include a small set of deliverables over a short period of time, to a bigger package that will take more months to produce.

3D Renderings make up a major visual component of your campaigns. The more time there is to understand and implement your vision, the more engaging your overall campaign will be.

2. Be Ready with Your Design

What if there are less than 6 months left before your marketing campaign launches? Gather all your construction papers, design presentations, and branding guides and send them over as soon as you can! In fact, this tip applies even if there is ample time left.

Having all your design materials ready is a great way to get accurate estimates and timelines quickly. Studios use these to figure out how complex the work will be. The fewer unknowns, the quicker they can deliver a quote and timeline, the more accurate these will be too. On the creative side, the more information the artists have, the better they can construct a narrative that will produce on-brand renderings.

If you are truly in a pinch, though, be prepared to allocate extra budget for the Studio to expedite the work. Photorealistic renderings are labour-intensive. Any compression to the timeline means marshalling additional resources, and therefore extra costs.

3. Have a Marketing Strategy In Mind

You are still 8 months away from your campaign launch and you have all the design materials in place, and the Studio’s renderings sure look photorealistic. But how do you make sure that the results will appeal to your customers specifically?

The answer is simple: Tell the Studio who your ideal customers are. Are they young professionals? Families? Tech companies? Students? A fleshed-out, detailed persona helps the Studio come up with renderings that make your ideal customer want to live, work, or play in the space. Share your overall strategy as well: will you use social media heavily? Ask the Studio to create something Instagram-worthy. Will your amenities be the main draw? Tell the Studio which part of your facilities to highlight.

The Rendering Studio is a partner in your marketing and leasing efforts. Keeping them in the loop will help ensure that they adapt to your changing needs. So reach out when you are ready to plan your campaign, send them what you have, and work with them on the story you want to tell.

Want your customers to see themselves in your property? Contact us and tell your lifestyle story.