Interested in engaging your future tenants or buyers meaningfully?

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See your future properties


Lease your new developments before they're built with a photorealistic VR or AR walkthrough.

Our team works with you to create 3D visualizations of your vision. We bring these visualizations into VR/AR and immerse tenants in their future address.

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Catalogue your existing properties

Capture all your existing properties into VR and show as many as you want without leaving the office.

Narrow your future tenants' choices down to the one that fits their needs. Stage it before the shoot and your properties will always be perfectly preserved in VR.

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All in the palm of your hand

And in the VR headset!

All tours - future and existing - are bundled into one branded VR App for leasing offices, or for download from the app stores. There are no expensive PCs to buy or extensive cables to manage. All you need is a mobile phone.

Harness the power of VR.

uForis displays reality. Nothing is more tangible and believable than being demonstrative of actuality. Showcase all your properties from your leasing office to a standalone consumer app.

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