How Campus Apartments beat market oversaturation with uForis VR

How uForis helped Campus Apartments achieve near 100% occupancy.


Campus Apartments

Campus Apartments, a 60-year-old student-focussed national student housing property owner/operator company in the U.S. began using uForis Virtual Reality technology to help with their showings. They’ve selected Tucson as one of their testing cities, with 3 properties and about 1,000 beds in total.

Oversaturation and long closing times

Due to their hyper-growth as well as the high turnover rate in Student Housing Sector, these pains are amplified. Their Leasing Cycle was 4-5 hours on average, not including the ones that fail to close. With close to 2,000 units leased every year, that is a lot of hours.


  • 140 layouts captured in 2 months (30 shooting days).

  • Domus branded iOS / Android mobile apps - Cardboard and GearVR ready.

Shorten cycles to rent more and faster

  1. No limits on how many units prospective tenants can see.

  2. Tenants were willing to sign immediately.

  3. Prospective tenants confidence improved substantially.

  4. Time spent with successful lease closures reduced drastically.

  5. Works with international tenants.