3 Things We Learned from Virtual Tour Analytics


We have provided analytics on our customers’ virtual tours since the beginning. While we don’t have insight into our customers’ business activities, we do know when usage spikes. There’s no way for us to know why without phoning them up, of course, and this information is often confidential. The mystery is usually solved by chance: when we were doing case studies with them, or chatting about something else. We would find that they happen to be doing a promotion, or most of their property have just been leased.

Here are the three things we learned from the numbers and chats with our customers.

1. Amenities matter, but layout tours still reign

Tours of amenities could be very popular - more popular than some layouts, in fact. We expected that to be the case since customers often ask us to create 3D renders of their new properties' amenities, or capture their existing ones. Perhaps also as expected, the layouts of a building are still more popular than its amenities, overall.

2. High view numbers usually corresponds to more leases

Makes sense - a layout tour that has a high number of views would stand a better chance of someone falling in love with it. A successful marketing campaign could drive more awareness too. For student housing, on-campus events are popular and can be effective in getting the word out.

3. Context matters when it comes to layout vs property popularity

When we started, we thought that the building with the most popular layout must also be the most popular. That's not "false," per se, more "it depends." A building could be the most popular if it has a lot of tours available for view. For example: if Building A has five tours to view and Building B has one, but Building B's tour is the most popular, Building A could still beat B as the most popular building. In fact, Building A could have healthier leasing numbers than Building B.

For more on how to use analytics in your leasing process, check out uForis Analyics, or drop us a line below!