uForis Year In Review: 2018

As the year comes to a close, we took a trip down memory lane to reflect on this year. We knew the upcoming holiday break is well-earned, but even we were surprised by how busy we were.

We started by listing deliverables to customers. We delivered 3D renderings of our customers' properties - 222 of them. We also delivered 45 360-degree panoramas of these properties. Existing properties got some love, too - we captured 40 virtual tours. These tours are complicated in their own way. We stitched 1,000 pictures to create the 250 panoramas that made up these tours.

The engineering team was working hard throughout. We deployed our VR apps on the new Oculus Go, released in May 2018. Later in the year, we launched uForis Analytics, an online Dashboard that allows our customers to track views of their properties.

Amidst all this action, we somehow found the time to redesign our website.

It was all well worth it, of course. We now showcase more than 500 floor plans in student housing, which represent about 35,000 beds. We have increased the occupancy at our customers' properties by around 10%.

We are looking forward to a restful holiday break, and we can't wait to show you more of what we have in store in 2019.