Introducing the new uForis Analytics

We are excited to announce a new Analytics Dashboard for Corporate Account Holders!

Our customers have always received a report on their 3D-scanned units each month. These reports show the number of times each unit's tour has been viewed that month - an essential metric. A successful promotion or marketing campaign should lead to increased viewership. Since our customers receive a report only once a month, though, they have to wait before finding out a campaign's effectiveness.

While the number of scanned units was growing, we were also creating 3D renderings of pre-construction properties. Virtual tours built from these renderings need to be tracked and reported too.

As the complexities increased, we began developing the Analytics Dashboard. The Dashboard's goal is to provide one-stop access to the most up-to-date data. With a unique login, customers can access their metrics report through the Dashboard. This report will be:

  • Refreshed Daily: Assess the effectiveness of ongoing promotions and marketing campaigns.

  • Simple to use: Easily filter data by date ranges, properties, and tours.

  • Easy to share: Print or export the data into spreadsheets to share with the team.

Corporate Account Holders will receive their account login in the first week of December. To learn more about our new and upcoming features, please visit